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  • hello all,

    I have a problem, I use gravity form add-on over my products. All is ok but i have just a problem with the table in the emails ( confirmation email, invoices for the customer ) The gravity form-add used specific fields and woo commerce don’t be abble to relay properly the order in my emails and the invoices…

    More details:
    1)This is my form with gravity formadd on, included in the product, as you can see there are several parts where the customer can fill figures in différent that field.

    2) After that, the customer click ” add to the caddy ” and he arrives to this page: Where there are a table clear with the confirmation of the order…
    ( I would like to find the php file in my ftp) Where is can find that ?

    3) And finnaly, when the customer confirms his order, he arrives to this page:

    And here there is a problem, the table is not clear, and the figures are glued one against the others…

    And I have the same problem in the email ( invoice and notification that there is a order on my woo commerce:) See next:

    My idea
    Find the php file which generated the table not clear in the emails and the confirmation page, and change the html structure code inside the php files ( image 3 and 4 )

    Thank you for the helps.


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