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  • With a page that takes forever to load very few people have got the patience to wait. I would hazard a guess it is damaging your stats. It is certainly reducing the chance of expeditious assistance in the forum.

    yes, this is PART of the problem, not the problem. one follows the other (note – I do not have control over choice of content, images, or theme .. I just have to fix it)

    also, my system doesnt always take forever to load it.

    Looks okay in Firefox – all the above links.
    Loads in good time as well.

    Have you fixed it?

    sburge: indeed, thanks for asking! I FINALLY fixed it late today and then realized that indeed there IS a world outside my computer :-/.. have not had a chance to update here.

    Somehow there was a change to the home.php … there was a missing /div and I do not understand how it could get spontaneously corrupted like that in two related blogs at the same time..

    That would explain why I couldn’t load it. I still think the page size is too large. Of course a regular viewer like the OP loads the images from cache. The *it works fine here syndrome* is the bane of web development. Glad you got fixed up anyway. 🙂

    root: you are so sure that you know the first thing about me and how I work. I know a few things about you by the way you write.

    I can see your site.

    glad! All is well now, thanks all who replied.

    Nika–do you remember where you put the /div? I have the same problem you did ( I’ve been trying to fix the problem by trial-and-error coding: namely adding a /div to different places in home.php, updating the template, and then checking the results (so the error you encounter may vary)..


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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