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  1. davejoyce
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi, hope someone can help,

    Feel free to have a look at the page - http://www.a-waiheke-wedding.com

    1) I have created my own page for subscription confirmation and linked to it using:
    define('S2PAGE', '7');
    ... but it won't come up when I click on the email link after subscribing. Instead I get a standard page saying "You have successfully subscribed!" that has issues with it... which brings me to my next problem.

    2) The Subscription Confirmation page that I get taken to has 1 post called "Subscription Confirmation" where the title of the post actually does link through to my created page (7) that I want subscribers to be taken to. The main problem however is that the page names in the header (other than 'Home') have been changed to "Subscription Confirmation"... have a look here:

    How can I correct this? I've got no experience with php but I did find the code that does this:
    if (1 == $this->filtered) { return; }
    return __('Subscription Confirmation', 'subscribe2');
    ... and when I changed this text to something else it confirmed that all three headings (the page titles and the post title) all changed to my new text.



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