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  • Hello,

    I have set up wordpress on our server and i have observed that while content is being stored correctly in the database without out any escaping back slash \ that the content is being sent to the user with a backslash ?

    Our server is configured as follow

    magic_quotes_runtime =1 ,
    magic_quotes_runtime_gpc =1
    magic_quotes_sybase = 0

    The rational for the above settings being that all content from a POST..
    or the database is stored on the server in a safe manner with all quotes escaped and when the content is sent to the browser we strip out the slashes beforehand.

    I can see that wordpress are dealing with quotes in there own way as some of these directives are overrided

    Should these directive be setup in a particular way for the domain hosting the wordpress scripts s they can contol these setting at the script level it should just work shouldn’t it?

    Many thanks

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