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    First off, thanks for such a wonderful plugin!

    Everything is working smoothly so far with the exception of one thing.

    I’m using this pluging:

    That plugin gives me the ability to create a widget in the sidebar. Within the widget, I can specify dimensions of the thumbnail. The widget is pulling the image from the post thumbnail size and then creates a separate thumbnail with that size.

    For example the thumbnail url is /coolpicture.jpg

    Let’s say I set the widget thumb nail settings to 120x120px. The popular post plugin will pull that image and create a re sized image in the same directory as the thumb (media uploads) and the image will be /coolpicture-120×120.jpg

    The problem is that /coolpicture.jpg has had it’s exif stripped but the new thumbnail that was created somehow still has the exif data.

    that’s the conclusion that I’ve reached after hours and hours of trying to figure out what was going on. (i was running performance tests)

    any idea how I could fix this?


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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    I’ll take a look at the plugin and see if I can tell what the code is doing. My assumption was that thumbs would never have exif data, so that is kind of strange.

    ahhhhh. I figured it out.

    the widget was using old created thumbnails that were created prior to me optimizing all the images.

    does your plugin only optimize the media sizes we set (large/medium/small/thumb)? If it doesn’t , maybe that’s why it wasn’t being optimized.

    A side question

    When I look through my media folder I now see


    do you know of a way to clean up all the old images sizes that are not being used? a plugin that deletes all photos that are not the size of the media settings would probably work since the new thumbnails would be regenerated by plugins that need them.


    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    glad to hear you solved it. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyway to clean up old resizes. There’s a plugin that will regenerate them, but I haven’t seen one that cleans up unused resizes. That’s probably because there are so many plugins that create their own resizes, and not all of them do it properly, so you risk killing ones that still in use if you do it en masse.

    ahh. I see. been playing around with a bunch of different plugins to clean up thumbnails but most of them are not working well.

    all I would need to happen is to delete all images that are not the specified media sizes. then the other plugins will regenerate thumbnails that they need. resulting in an upload folder with only images i need. however my php skills lack 😛

    awesome work by the way. I can tell that you really are putting in the work to make an awesome plugin!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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