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  • Hello friends.

    I’m developing a plugin that do the same as “Hello Dolly”, but it take the input text of a plain text file in the hard drive. I’m spanish, and I use some king of characters that includes “tildes” (a little line on the top of some letters (a,e,i,o,u) and a special chracter used in spanish (eñe, I don’nt know if you would see it in this post).

    I read the file with fread function of php, but, whein I display the result of the plugin in the sidebar of my blog, the special characters are displayed how ‘?’ … What can I do to change this and make the characters visible?

    Thanks (and excuse me for my horrible use of english)

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  • If I understand you correctly, you might need to change the encoding of the page to a character set that supports those characters. Other than that, I’m confused as hell as to what your problem is.

    Theorically, the charset is apropiated to shown this special characters, because in the posts of my blog, the same characters are displayed without problems. It only occurres if I try to “print” a special character in the sidebar ..

    Note: With the latest tests I do, the problem is with the function “fread” of PHP, I think that this function don’t read properly the text file and then, the characters appears with ‘?’

    Usually these problems in the sidebar appear when the files are edited in a text editor that doesn’t support utf-8.

    I’ve used the notepad of Windows … Don’t question me about I use Windows on my server, it’s a “familiy problem” lolol

    I will try with other text editor. I post soon


    If it’s XP you have the option to save it as utf-8 encoded.

    Very thanks to all … I’ve now tried to save the document in the Microsoft Word (I hate it), but saving it as plain text file, and Word answer me about the codification … I choose UTF-8 and now is all ok.

    Very thanks to all

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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