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    i want to use the possibility to show slides in Tickbox, but when i select it in LG settings (in the part Thumbnails view option) it does not work (i have just the image in full size). I try to change the part “Slide viex option” on clik (i try nothing, show image in pop-up windows), but no results.
    Can you help me please, because this plugin satisfy all my wishes.
    I want this option because with Twenty eleven theme, when i choose “Show slide in slideview” i must come down the page to see the image in full, image by image … so tickbox could be the solution to my problem!
    Thanks you very much for your reponses.

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  • did you install a thickbox plugin?

    Thank you for reponse.
    No i don’t install a thickbox plugin … i read taht it is not necessary; i make a mistake?

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    it is not necessary, but if you had, that could conflict.

    did you activate Lazyest Slides thickbox?

    Settings -> Lazyest Gallery -> Slide View Options -> Alternative Display -> Setup Slides -> Utility Functions -> Use Lazyest Slides Thickbox image popup

    btw not as many steps as it seems 😉

    Finally I activated thickbox and desactivate it and that works perfectly!
    But now, it’s my thumbnails which have a problem. While I changed nothing, they are on a one column, with caption and a small white square before.
    Can you help me?

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Did you change your theme?
    Also check if Lazyest Gallery is using the default Theme
    Admin -> Lazyest Gallery -> Themes

    Now i remember that when i find a solution to my problem with thickbox, i test to change my theme with “Glow in Black by Marcel Brinkkemper”. Without results, i change with my default theme “Twenty eleven”.
    I check if Lazyest Gallery is using my theme ans it’s ok.
    Do you have an other suggest for my problem of thumbnails?
    Thans a lot!

    I forgot to say that before the thumbnails i have the mention “Now viewing:user>>name_album” and the button “slideshow” has lost its border … perhaps it could help you?

    Ok i desactivate, delete Lazyest gallery, extra fields and slide by my FTP and re-install all of them but i have the same result. I find the same galleries and the same problem. Folders and thumbnails are in one column with a little white square before. I try to hide “Now viewing” in the style sheets of Lazyest Gallery but it does not work.

    I don’t know what to do … can you help me please?
    You can see the problem here (i let just one gallery):

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Please use: Lazyest Gallery Default Style Sheet
    If all fails, please select “Use <table> element for gallery layout” In Lazyest Gallery Settings -> Advanced options


    i don’t know how to use Lazyest Gallery Default Style Sheet … so i select “Use <table> element for gallery layout” In Lazyest Gallery Settings -> Advanced options “. The little white square disappear and i choose a number of colunm to my thumbnails and it works (my thumbnails are not very aligned but …).
    So, if i understand i can’t hide “Now viewing …” ?
    And, do you how i can put the button “Slideshow” at the top of the page ?
    Thanks a lot for all your time and advices !

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    I’m sorry but the FAQ don’t show me how to put the button “slideshow” at the top of the page (before the thumbnails), is it possible to do it?
    But I have an other problem … when i put the code [lg_folder folder=”your_folder_name”] on a page to have folder content on seperate page, i lost the button “slideshow”.
    Do you have a solution to my problem?

    I really thank you for your help!

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Hello Marcel,

    i have a new question for you about Lazyest gallery. Is it possible to copy a gallery? I try to do it by ftp, but i can’t click right.
    Have you a solution for me?

    I thank you for your help.

    [my objectif is to copy a gallery, without use “copy to” image by image]

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