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  • There is one problem with this theme which remains, but which, unfortunately, I am unable to account for in the code. It is brought about by people installing wordpress in places other than the root of their webspace. eg: it goes into /wordpress/ or /wp/ or an infinite number of other possibilities.

    I have had two complaints of no graphics showing (lord knows what the other 29 of you are doing.. maybe no issue at all). this is because of the above and the requirements of the javascript theme switcher. I have also added instructions at But this is what people using Slick for WordPress need to do for the moment (I am only 90% certain it will fix it but…its all I have to offer)

    Here’s what you can try…

    open up swticher.js with a PLAIN text editor and find on line 48

    var TEMPLATEDIR = “/wp-content/themes/slick_for_WP/�; // path to template dir

    and change it to

    var TEMPLATEDIR = “/whatever-dir-you-have-wp-installed-in/wp-content/themes/slick_for_WP/�; // path to template dir

    It OUGHT to fix the no gfx problem if you have it. PLEASE let me know EITHER WAY, so I can add a readme to the existing downloadable file.

    This problem with the javascript ONLY applies to people who have their wordpress install in a subdirectory.

    What will apply to everyone is a problem with the footer graphic. it refuses to stay under the content, only the right sidebar will keep it down there. any other placement and it wanders all over the page. I may have to remove it from a future version, I think, unelss someone comes up with some decent and elegant solution. it is a css problem and be darned if i can figure it out.

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