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    I have edited an image within Media and it shows up as being 147 x 196.
    The height I want is 196. However when I insert this image into the Gallery I find that the width is 196 rather than the length. See the page here. You can see the second image is much taller than the first.

    I have checked the source code and find to my amazement that it shows width=”226″ and height=”300″ so I am very confused about what is happening here.

    Can anyone explain why the size that the image is in Media is different from the size within Gallery which again is different from the size showing in the source code?

    I have spent hours trying to get the right size in the page to no avail.

    Thank you

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  • If you are looking to show exactly the size that you need, you should do it with an image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and upload it the Media Library. Finally, choose the original size when you show it on the web.

    For detail explanation about this, please visit:

    Thank you so much for your prompt response gidd.

    I had been trying out using images edited in wordpress as I am preparing the site for another person who will need to prepare his own images for uploading and probably won’t have image editing software. That is why
    I was trying out editing the images in wordpress.

    So is there no way that the wordpress editor can be made to work as it presumably should?

    And do you mind explaining exactly what you mean by “choose the original size when you show it on the web”?

    WordPress cannot generate images exactly the same size as you wish. What you set in the media setting is a general guideline for WordPress to process. WordPress is not a tool for editing images.

    You can find free image editing software if you don’t have a professional one.

    When you insert images into your post, WordPress allows you to pick a size such as thumbnail, medium size, large size and original/full size.

    If you cropped your image correctly and uploaded to the Media Library, you need to use the full size when you insert into the post.

    Thanks once again gidd,

    I have inserted images cropped as you indicated but now find that when I reduce the width of the browser window they do not remain the same size as each other (while reducing in size with the browser window).

    Is that because the width of the images is different?

    No, it is not the image problem. It is the current technology in template development that adopts responsive design to support various devices by using HTML5, CSS3, some javascript libraries, etc.

    Ah, thanks gidd you have been very helpful. Looks like I need to create my own gallery and not rely on the template!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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