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    Hi, since tonight I see the following text in my status bar (in my browser) when I try to load my wp-site

    Waiting for …

    It takes quite a while (such as maybe up to 30 sec. or so) when I try to load the site, in frontend, change a page, follow a link and so on… The problem seems to be only in frontend, but I didn’t change anything. I only updated comprehensive google maps plugin and Ultimate TinyMCE plugin.
    I tried to disable both the plugins, but without results, and I think the problem isn’t here.

    Linking with the browser to the site is offline, very strange…

    I am noticing this in Firefox as well as Chrome. (both newest versions).
    Can you let me know what you feel might be the issue. It doesn’t appear to be related to a theme I’m using or anything like that. It just seems like it appears tonight.

    Thamk you in advance.

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  • hi
    same problem for me, got the same issue till today….

    Same problem. Just happened last night. We have an enterprise site and its killing our site. 30 seconds to load. I have never seen this before and have no idea what what is using max.cdn on my site. Dire need of assistance in figuring this out.

    Location: Studio City, CA
    Error/Status Code: 12029
    Start Offset: 1.134 s
    DNS Lookup: 109 ms
    Initial Connection: ms
    Time to First Byte: 0 ms
    Content Download: 0 ms
    Bytes In (downloaded): 0.0 KB
    Bytes Out (uploaded): 0.0 KB

    Yeah, same problem here. Feels like the nameservers have been hacked. Do you use CloudFlare? Isn’t MaxCDN a competitor?

    We use an Akamai CDN. I know enough to be super dangerous.

    We have massive traffic and last night was an event night that gets 70,000 plus users so needless to say our site crashed. Uggg! My admin is out on conference so he’s unavailable.

    It seems that this error is on every page when doing a pingdom test.

    When looking at the source code on I see this script on all pages. Does this have anything to do with it?

    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script>

    Could it be a social sharing plugin like Facebook causing this?

    Sorry, but I don’t use anything and that’s the odd situation. I don’t have any native or plugind cdn…
    Also, I have another wp-site with the same plugin’s configuration, without problems, do you know what’s wrong?
    (perhaps if the nameserver returns online, we’ll resolve the problem, what do you think about?)

    I have a same problem with my site

    Also, I have script in my header, but i am not sure if it has anything to do with this

    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

    I’ve the same problem, just noticed and came across this post searching around.
    Seems indeed related to jqueryTools.js loading from, which in my case is called in theme functions.php by wp_enqueue_script( ).
    I think loading a local copy of querytools and removing that call, could fix the problem for the time being.

    same problems here is there a solution…what plugin do i need to remove or code…i woke up and my site is 22 seconds slower and I’m going crazy…someone please help fast this is not good!

    and please keep the solution simple because some of us and not hardcore programmers…please do not stray in conversation when addressing “” problems..what is causing this? and what is the solution?

    This is not a plugin issue. I deactivated all plugins on my site, and there is problem still present

    @duskom i did the same procedure (deactivated all plugin and it still exists..therefore i agree…can anyone help! I feel like i’m on a VPS sever again (lol) and i know its not my dedicated server!

    ******** <<<what is this problem?

    same problem.

    it seems its

    which directs its self to

    My site, does now take ages to load and then the slider at the top of the site fails to work!

    Same problem here. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    The problem is that SimpleCDN is down and somewhere on your site, be it for a plug-in or a theme or the backend, there is a call to
    which actually is preventing both jquerytools and your site to load properly.
    In my case this script-calling is in functions.php of the theme I’m using so I have to manually remove or change that code (and find a copy of !)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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