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  • If you take a look at my links for my Blog roll (under ”Blogues qui en jettent”),you’ll see that when the link is too long, it starts on the other line but a bit to the left of the rest of the text and it kinda looks bad. I tried to add text-indent: none; but that didn’t fix it. Any idea how to solve that problem?

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  • is the first place to start.

    And “text-indent” won’t get you far but a margin or padding on the section of links you want to indent will get you a lot further.

    AND, I checked the validation on your site at the link below and you have messed up your list big time. Check the validation information and then check with the article above to step-by-step fix it.

    Thanks Lorelle, I know that my site doesn’t validate but quite frankly I don’ t understand a thing about the errors; I tried to fix the tags and see if some were missing but I can’t seem to find the problem. BTW, having 5 errors is not messing up big time. Many blogs have like 50 and over errors!!! 😉

    It wasn’t 5 when I validated it, but something may have changed.

    The nested list is a pain, I know, but it is really outlined well in the article mentioned above.

    Track down your list. It should look, in the simplist of terms, like this:

    <ul> [begin list - first level list]
    <li> </li> [first level item]
    <li> [first level item begin]
    <ul> [second level list start]
    <li> </li> [second level item]
    <li></li> [second level item]
    </ul> [end second level list]
    </li>[end first level item]
    <li> </li> [first level item]
    </ul> [end first level list - end of list]

    Go through your list very carefully and see if they follow this. Remember, and this gets me frequently, that each sub-level must open with an LI and then at the end of it, close with an LI closing tag.

    Does this help?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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