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  • My Cpanel says 2.0 then it has “upgrade to 2.2.2” I already upgraded so I’m pretty sure its 2.2.2 now.

    My problem is that when I hit one of my “categories” all my sidebar info moves to the main body of my template and i can’t figure out why. Here is my blog if you want to see what I mean.

    Actually when I went to get the url to post here, it has it there even now. If you just click it I think it will show you what I mean. If it looks normal when you click the link then go to the sidebar and click the category “sig tags” and it should show you what I’m talking about.

    thank you for any help !!

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  • Well, it’s not doing that on the “About” page or any other page. So, I’m guessing the answer lies in one of those 60 Validation errors from the index page there?

    I didn’t really dig too deep though, so I can’t pinpoint the actual thing causing the issue yet. Just a quick question, are you using the Visual Editor thing, and pasting content in from like Microsoft Word?

    Because if so, that’s a huge mistake right there and you’re bound to have problems like that. =(

    It looks like both your sidebar and your footer code are wrapped in the same DIV elements that your main content column is.

    It looks as though moving the sidebar & footer DIVs down below the close of the #content DIV should fix it up.

    If you are not comfortable performing the alterations yourself, you are welcome to ZIP up your theme files and email them to me at rick.beckman @ and I will send you the altered files as soon as possible.

    Sounds like Rick found the issue pretty quick! Nice job! =D Sorry, I usually look deep for things, but I’m also busy so I can’t really do THAT anymore sigh. Thanks for finding that Rick! =)

    Ah, good call, spencer. I didn’t notice that at first in FireBug. It does indeed look like the problem is caused by one or more unclosed DIV tags appearing within the posts.

    This post in particular seems to be the culprit:

    Editing it in the plain text editor to remove any unnecessary tags — looks like all that’d be necessary is the em tag around the last bit of the post — should do wonders for you. 🙂

    thank you SO much !! I will try to figure out how to send that to you. Do you want them saved as txt files from notepad? I’m really new to this and don’t know what you would need and what format.

    I do know that there are a bunch of different pages when I go to presentation/theme editor. Do you want ALL of them or just some of them?

    I appreciate this so much !

    Tammy, know, I don’t think it’s one of the actual files. Sorry. Read my post just prior to yours. Simply edit that post I linked to of yours and clean up any of the extra code. You may not see it using the visual editor, so switch to code view. Delete all of the DIV tags and anything else — it looks like the only one doing anything is the EM tags surrounding the second paragraph.

    Once you clean that post up & save it, your blog should appear normally.

    ok.. i don’t know if I can post the coding here.. but are you talking about the code that would be listed under “sidebar” or the “style sheet”

    And would I delete all the <div id’s and <div aligns ?? anything with DIV in it?? I don’t want to screw this up.. but I guess if I do I can just remove this theme and re-add it… of course I’d be starting all over.. lol

    I think most of this coding was there from the person who created it. I only changed the img files in the sidebar… maybe I should just start over. Maybe I DID change something by accident.

    I appreciate all your help.

    I’d appreciate it if someone would do the same thing for me. I’m having problems with Firefox rendering of
    If you look the formatting is haywire after the first post – meanwhile things work fairly well in IE.
    I’ve searched for problems in my posts without success and have discovered that adding extra closing tags doesn’t do anything. When I look at the site in Firebug I get numerous errors and warnings none of which seem to refer to my posts.
    Help please!
    Alan Hutchinson

    Like I said, I think you’re using something like Microsoft Word or whatever to copy/paste content from, into your WP blog. Which is a bad thing to do sigh.

    Microsoft Word, or whatever adds their own coding to the content, so when you copy from it, and add it to your WP blog for posting it, it messes it all up. Can you go though and fix these last few Validation Errors please?

    Once those are fixed, and you’re still having issues, please let us know so we can help you to resolve the issue. Thanks.

    TammyKat, I wasn’t referring to the theme files. I’m referring specifically to the following two posts:

    The problem only occurs when those posts are displayed. Your other posts are fine. Your theme is fine.

    You simply need to edit those two posts and strip out all the unnecessary tags, leaving only the text of the posts.

    Hope you get it sorted out! 🙂

    ohh ok ! I was thinking you meant my theme files. I will go look at those two posts again. When I try to edit my posts.. it doesn’t show coding.. is there a way to see it if there is any? I will look again in case I missed something.

    ALso.. I haven’t copied and pasted anything from microsoft. I typed directly in the post editor for wordpress.

    Appreciate this help so much !! I’m going crazy trying to figure it out.

    well.. i think i got the posting part fixed. But now I need to find the problem on the main page.

    I will add the code to that code checker thing again.. not sure I know how to fix the problems though. on that code checker thing.. with the 75 errors.. lol why does it list a certain thing like a missing < but when I look at the code its there?? Just wondering.

    thanks again.

    TammyKat, it looks like there’s still some errant code in the posts themselves.

    If you would like, I could check the posts out for you and make sure everything’s okay. Sometime’s a second set of eyes do wonders.

    That would either require sending me your user/pass, or setting up a new user (via the Users page of the admin panel) for me with level of “Editor.” After the problem is fixed, you’d be able to delete that user.

    If you’re interested, is my email.

    (Also, when you’re viewing the post edit screen, you’re using the visual editor, right? You might try disabling it to edit those posts. Visit and deselect the “use the visual editor when editing” box, then save the settings. You’ll be able to see all code present in the post when editing without the visual editor.)

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