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    We are using Table Rate Shipping from WooThemes to get the correct shipment costs for the order. If the customer is using this plugin WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway for payment in cart, the customer don’t have to pay the shipment costs.

    There are no shipment costs in cart and also after the shipment address was loaded from paymal in checkout, there are still no shipments costs. So it’s not possible to use this plugin, because shipment costs are necessary.

    Hopefully there will be a fix for this, because this plugin is really very nice an both are from Automatic, so I think the will be a chance to get this working.

    Tried also with standard shipment costs function from WooCommerce itself. It’s the same. It’s not working and shipment is going to be fre too.


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  • IN order to not lose any more money on shipping, we’ve had to change to only allowing registered ppl (not guests) to purchase from our store AND, flat rate shipping. This is hurting our business tremendously.
    We have opened numerous tickets and this thread shows that there is some sort of conflict between WC 4.6.1 (I suspect it’s the My Account updates)and Paypal Express.

    Can someone please either give us an update on what’s being done or point us to whoever might be able to help?

    I would like to bump/re-activate this thread.

    We are having the EXACT same problem with Paypal Express using Angelleye’s excellent Paypal for Woocommerce plugin. We were using it with no problems before the 2.6 update. We had both Payflow and Paypal Express enabled.

    Since the update, Paypal Express stopped returning shipping/billing addresses. Worse–it started allowing anybody from any region to checkout. We had angry customers from other countries who used PP Express to checkout (even though we don’t ship to those countries). Since the broken PP Express system in WooCommerce isn’t returning shipping/billing addresses, it apparently wasn’t checking shipping regions either and let anybody order. Very big hassle.

    We’ve had to completely turn off PP Express for now. I’ve also opened a help request with Angelleye. But he feels that it is likely not a problem with his plugin (I think he is right): https://www.angelleye.com/forum/discussion/167/paypal-express-checkout-not-returning-shipping-address#latest

    This is still happening for me too.

    A user chooses to pay with PayPal, and when they return their shipping address shows up, but it says “Shipping costs will be calculated once you have provided your address.”

    I am using PayPal Express Checkout and UPS.

    I’m experience this as well. I’ve been looking at the code, and I think the problem boils down to the WC()->customer address information not being set.

    In my case WC()->cart->show_shipping() returns false on the order review page because I have the option to require an address for shipping set. The show_shipping() method then checks for the following information: WC()->customer->get_shipping_state() && WC()->customer->get_shipping_postcode(). Both of those function return false (leading to no shipping options being shown).

    If I allow shipping without an address, I get one shipping method from my USPS shipping plugin, but no other options. I believe this is because the shipping methods have no customer information to go off of and so they return nothing. If I dump the WC()->customer variable on the review order page (where the customer is supposed to select a shipping method), all of the values in the $_data property are blank except for country which I think is just defaulting to my shop’s home country.

    It appears that the PayPal Express plugin is not populating the WC()->customer object with data returned from PayPal and that’s why we’re running into this. I’m not familiar enough with the code yet to propose a solution, but I’m hoping someone who is can help.

    Just to follow up. It looks like WC()->customer data is now being populated in the current master branch on GitHub (version 1.1.3, unreleased as of now). From my initial testing, it looks like this resolves the problem on my site, but I’ll wait a bit before I say that for sure.

    For reference, I believe this commit solved it.

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