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    First of all, great plugin! I am using Sexybookmarks version now.

    But I’ve found a little problem. My website is multilingual, I use qTranslate for that.

    When I click on a share link from the index, everything works fine. According to the selected language the correct language is chosen to share on a network.

    However, when I click from the post, both the languages are used. This looks very awkward, because you also see the special qTranslate code to separate the languages.

    For now I have disabled the icons on the post pages, but you can still see what I mean on my test site

    I’ve been looking in the code, to see if I can find what is going wrong, but I am not that savvy with php and wordpress coding.

    However, I’ve found this function where it is building the line that is used in the javascript, which contains the problem:
    shrsb_get_publisher_config, which is in public.php

    Here is the code it generates when on a post:
    "title":"<!--:nl-->Levend object of stille aanwezigheid<!--:--><!--:en-->Living object or silent presence<!--:-->"

    Here is the code it generates when on the homepage:
    "title":"Levend object of stille aanwezigheid"

    In the first example it gives the complete title that is probably in the database with the language-tags and Dutch and English translation of the title.
    In the second example it just gives the title in the current language that is shown on the website, in this case in Dutch, which it should do of course.

    I’ve also posted it on the qTranslate forum.

    Not sure if this is a problem with SexyBookmarks or qTranslate!?

    Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.

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    I am going to look for another plugin. I’ve tried several forums to find a solution, but unfortunately nothing.

    I found out that other plugins don’t have the problem that I’ve described here. So I don’t believe it has to do with qTranslate.


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