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  • I have a serious problem with a network site.

    Setup: Network WordPress, Cloudlfare and nearlyfreesspeech host
    This may not be an easy combination.

    Network admin and the main (first) site works fine and as https.
    Site runs under

    But the other sites make problems. For example
    I can rarely save a post. Get “Publishing failed.” most of the time when posting or updating. Depending on Cloudflare settings, I may also get a JSON error instead. SSL/TLS is currently set to strict on cloudflare.

    Permalinks are set to “Post name”. When I press save (with change or not) I get a database error “Error establishing a database connection”.

    But I only get this with the other sites, the first site has no problem. I suspect a problem with SSL, htaccess or something.

    I am very desperate and tired. I go sleep now and hope that tomorrow somebody has some ideas.

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  • Hi,

    I recommend you reaching out to Cloudfare and NearlyFreeSpeech for support on their hosting environment or guidance on their SSL setting and other potential conflicts.

    Thread Starter yoyoxxl


    I just converted to several WP installations. Multi site is rarely stable.

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