• Hello, Tareq!

    What a beautiful plugin, thanks a lot for giving this great contribution for the WordPress community.

    I’m trying to use it on a BuddyPress WP Website for a new startup. Your plugin will make it much more simple for new users to post on our website. The problem is, I can’t manage to make Rich Text Full option to work. I need edition options to be completely available for the users, mainly because of the Heading Tags.

    Rich Text Tiny and Plain Text, on the other hand, are working just fine.

    Can you help me out? Where do I have to look for? If I solve this problem I’ll be using and tweaking your plugin a lot and, of course, will give you a 5 star rating here.

    Thanks a lot for your time!


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  • The page for publishing new articles is in http://medsimples.com/publicar/. If you manage to registrate with Facebook you may take a look.

    Hi Alan,

    Ever figured this out? I am having the same problem on one of my sites.

    Thanks for your reply in advance!


    The rich text full editor is available by the way when logged in as an admin user. Only when logged in as subscriber/contributor the rich text (tiny) version of the editor is shown, even though the full version is selected in the options menu. Maybe Tareq can help us with this issue? Seems like a bug in WPUF to me.


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