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    Since the last update I cannot access reusable blocks if I have the Gallery Custom Links plugin activated. I’ve run through troubleshooting and turning off Gallery Custom Links solves the problem.
    What happens, is that it the reusable blocks link disappears from my page editor. If I add a new reusable block on that page then it will show me that 1 reusable block. But it doesn’t pick up the 20 or so that I already have. Then if I create a new page, no reusable blocks again.
    If I disable Gallery Custom Links then it all works properly again.
    Please tell me there is a solution to this as I love Gallery Custom Links and I really want to keep using it.



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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hi Angela,

    I would love to help, unfortunately, I will be away for two weeks and I am swarmed in a lot of support for my other plugins, so it’s really difficult to help everyone.

    In your case, it would be great if you could try to debug it and find exactly where the issue lies, or how to reproduce it from a fresh/clean install. I will definitely fix the issue if I know exactly what it is. I am afraid it might be an incompatibility linked to output buffering.

    Thanks for replying.
    I used a health check plugin to turn off all my plugins and start with a fresh install. Then I turned on plugins one at a time. The only one that stops the reusable blocks appearing in the dropdown is gallery links.

    If I add a new reusable block in that post then the link for reusable blocks does reappear in the dropdown menu. But it only shows reusable links created on that post.

    Even with new posts if I deactivate gallery links the reusable links reappears in the dropdown. I tried deactivating all other plugins and just running gallery links but the problem remains.

    If there’s anything more specific I can do then I’m happy to do it. I’m new to blogging so not really sure what other debug facilities are available.

    I’m sorry but I don’t really know what to look for regarding output buffering – is there something I can do?

    Hi Jordy,

    I run into the same problem. When Gallery custom links is active my reusable block do not show in the editor which displays an error “Reusable block error: Block has been deleted or is unavailable”
    Even in the Block manager there are no more links the reusable blocks in any way.

    As soon as I deactivate Gallery Custom Links my reusable block are back and the edit links are available again…

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow



    Have a look at the code, in the mgcl_core.php file. You will find this:

    public $isObMode = true;

    Change the true into a false. Do you still have the issue?

    Hi Jordy,

    Changing to false fixes the problem.
    Thanks for checking!

    I have the same issue and the code change resolves the problem. Will you be rolling out a permanent fix soon? Thanks!

    I’ve updated my code and yes, it works. Thanks so much for this.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Unfortunately, I can’t make this change. By changing this, the plugin wouldn’t work outside of the main content (widgets, menu, header, footer, etc).

    I think I will add an option in the next version. So please remember to choose the right option at the next update 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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