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  • Monica28


    Hi John!!
    I am facing a problem with the Redirection Plugin. I uploaded a csv file into the WordPress Module(Redirections).. and due to this the HOME PAGE of my site is not opening..
    All other pages are fine..
    I have also tried to solve this problem by deleting the cache files from my “Super cache” PLugin.
    But nothing works
    … Please HELP!!

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  • pronoiac


    One of the Redirection rules has gone wrong.

    To work around it, you can add a new rule:
    Source URL: /
    Action: Pass-through

    Save it, and re-order the rules so it’s at the top.

    To figure out which rule broke the front page, you could then re-order the / pass-through up or down a few at a time, save the order, reload the front page and see when it breaks. You can toggle rules to verify that disabling a specific rule fixes it. Then, fix that rule.



    Er, ignore the “toggle rules” bit. Clicking on the hit count should also show you logs, with the “Source URL” being “/” for the broken rule.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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