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  • davidmwilliams


    Hi all,

    I am new to WordPress but so far I absolutely love it! It was infinitely easier to set up than DotNetNuke and with far more versatility than Rainbow.

    I’ve previously used GeoCities sites and MSN Spaces. I now have my own domain name and web space with my ISP.

    I am using ZoneEdit to manage my domain name’s DNS. There, I simply redirect to my ISP URL.

    Now, here’s the problem: my domain is My ISP space is

    In WordPress I set the WordPress URI to and the Blog address to

    This works, in that WordPress shows links for posts, categories, pages, etc in the format I want, namely

    HOWEVER the previous and next page links at the bottom of the page are showing wrongly as

    I can’t understand why the ‘davidmwilliams’ part is being added like that.

    I also tried setting the WordPress address to too, in case that was the problem, but when I did this I couldn’t log back in again using the wp-admin link! I ended up using PHPMyAdmin to directly edit the options table to reset that field.

    Any advice or help is greatly appreciated – thank you!

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  • moshu


    I am surprized it works at all: WP “hates” this kind of redirects and, usually, messes up all the internal links.
    WOuoldn’t be simpler to get a cheap hosting package?



    Hmm, well, it may be ‘simpler’ but it wouldn’t be cheaper 🙂

    However, I do feel there is a problem here. WordPress is correctly using for all addresses it generates for individual posts, for pages and for categories. It is only with the next and previous page links that it comes up with the seemingly hybrid address of

    So, it seems to me, WordPress is calculating the web page address to use in two different ways depending on context. It may be that the next/previous page code is querying the underlying page address rather than the addresses specified in the options page.

    I don’t think WordPress “hates” redirected domain names given it is not an uncommon thing to do, although obviously my experience with WordPress is very limited. That said, this is the ONLY location where I can observe a problem; if the next/prev page links worked then everything would show just my preferred domain name as I want.



    everything would show just my preferred domain name as I want.

    Hmm… I assume the preferred domain name would be: However, on every page/view of your blog the url displayed in the address bar is In any browser.



    Thanks for that; now fixed. However, sadly, that isn’t related to the next/previous bit which is still as before. 🙁



    Ok, I’ll submit this as a bug.


    Ok, an update.

    Firstly: Moshu – the reason why showed in every page was because I set the blog address to that. However, setting the blog address that way – while solving the problem in the sense that the generated links are valid and existant – has the undesired side-effect of not using my preferred domain name.

    Secondly: I submitted a bug report. It was just prematurely closed and marked as “invalid” by someone too trigger-happy to tidy up the pending queue by thinking that “here’s a dodgy workaround” equated to resolving a bug. I was later told that guy was “the” resident bug “guru”. I guess that’s merely because his KPI’s look so good from closing incidents so quick.

    I’m a bit disappointed by the cold response (and indeed, even the aggressive and offensive response I am getting from some quarters) on this issue.

    To my mind, the name of the domain is moot, the ISP used is moot, whether the hosting is paid or not is moot.

    Fundamentally, the problem is that I set WordPress’ blog address to It correctly generates page links of It correctly generates category links of – yet it incorrectly generates next/prev links of (say)

    This is a problem, and a bug, and reflects that the next/prev links use different code to the other routines that generate links – and, further, that it is not always respecting the blog address specified in the options.

    Well, I have tried to reproduce your issue, but I can’t. WP does only output links contained the configured URL. Either your domain redirection works thru some filtering proxy, your theme screwed up something majorly (is it custom made? maybe it has part of those links hardcoded and you forgot?) or you simply made a mistake in configuration.
    Honestly, how should WP come with that URL unless someone put it in there either in the config or in the theme?

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