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  • Hi

    I have a problem with the tabs for my products. All the products get the same tabs and it´s content from the first product I made…

    So all products now have same tabscontent instead of individual. It does´nt even collect the content from product description correct.

    Have deactivated all plugins to try.
    Have deleted and reinstalled the theme. (Blanco from 8Theme, ThemeForrest)

    Have installed Woo Tabs Manager aswell, so I can turn of default tabs if I want. But that doesen´t really solve the problem, because I want to use the tabs…

    My site is:

    The theme-developers support just says:

    “We have reviewed your site. Unfortunately, we have not faced such an issue before on our template so we cannot find the solution, sorry.

    8theme ltd”

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  • Roy Ho


    Well an easy way to find out if it is theme related is to switch to default 2011/2012 theme. If after then, it works, then you can go back to the theme developers and tell them it works fine with default theme.

    I know. I have tried that. And then the correct tab shows with correct information. But as you see from the developer of the theme above, they don´t know… And I told them that as you said.

    I have deleted the whole theme and reinstalled aswell.

    Perhaps I need to reinstall WooCommerce and even WordPress aswell?
    But that feels heavy… And not sure I can get back all the products and the layout, when I dont trust the backup.

    Roy Ho


    If something isn’t working because of a theme, it is their job to investigate and find out even if they don’t know…

    At this point you have couple of options. Either change your theme with one that works or you can hire someone to help you resolve this. You can go to to post your issue if interested.

    Haven´t really the budget to buy the service at the moment… But if someone could point me in the right direction on where too look? Really want to keep the theme, although their support sucks.

    Which file/s decides the content of the tabs? Have looked in description.php and tab-description.php in the WooCommerce-folder whithin the theme, but I can´t really find anything.

    Roy Ho


    It would be hard to help you in this case because each theme is different and they can totally customized that section in which we wouldn’t know as we can’t see the code.

    The files you describe are the default templates that displays the tabs but since you didn’t find anything, its probably has been filtered by your theme. But again, it would be hard to know for sure. Best to get your theme developer to help you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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