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Problem With Product Description Tab

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  • Roy Ho


    That is a “add to cart” button not a link to the single page button. That is why clicking on it doesn’t take you to the single product’s page. What it does do is it adds that product to the cart.

    Thanks for the response!

    The tab however doesn’t add the product to the cart either. Do you know how to remove the tab or get it to work, or better yet link it to the product page?


    Roy Ho


    It does add it to the cart. I checked…

    Your right!
    Sorry about that. I guess I don’t like how that is set up.
    I need to make it clear that they need to click the image to view more information

    thanks for your help

    Roy Ho


    Have you not tried asking your theme developer about this?

    I have and he has always told me to consult woo commerce about making changes

    Roy Ho


    Well it really depends on the circumstances. If the theme is advertised to be built for WooCommerce, then this change should be asked to the theme developer.

    From looking at your site, it seems there are styling for WooCommerce so I am guessing it is? Because by default, WooCommerce does not show a tab like that on top of the product image.

    I didn’t know that.
    It is styled for woo commerce and i have specifically mentioned that tab to him but he wouldn’t offer any advice. I will ask him again.

    Hopefully there is something simple I can do to present that catalog page better to give customers more information or at least tell them where to click. I have it in the sub heading as you can see at the top, but it can be easily overlooked

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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