• Hi,

    I’m using the PRO version of your plugin and noticed the filter is not working correctly. The displayed min/max prices are changed to the chosen currency, but when you try to use the filter, it selects the values in the base currency.
    For example, if we have price range 10 GBP / 20 USD to 50GBP / 100USD and switch currency to USD and then choose the price range between 60 and 100, no items are found. If we choose 20-50 USD, it will show all items with within price range 20-50 GBP, but displayed those prices in USD.
    Can you please have a look and let me know how can it be fixed.

    URL: http://nadinka.webd.pl/modafirma/shop/

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  • Plugin Author Andy Ha



    Thank you for your issues. Please create topic on our support to get premium support. http://villatheme.com/supports/forum/plugins/woo-multi-currency/

    VillaTheme Support Team



    I have almost the same problem, only that I use the free version! Here is my problem:

    I use WooCommerce v. 2.6.8 and have activated the core WooCommerce Price Filter, but when I change currencies the price filter doesn’t work well. I use Woo Multi Currency plugin/Woo Currency Selecter widget.
    Es. my default currency is mkd and with it all works well when filters by price. But when I switch to the alternative currency that is euro the price filter doesn’t work and or shows me all the time the same product or writes No products found.

    How I can fix that the multi currency plugin and the core price filter works also with other currencies than the default shop currency? Or if Woo Multi Currency is not compatible with WooCommerce Price Filter, write me which one is, although I have tried many and only this one converts the prices correctly.

    Thank you

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