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  • I have this problem that happens every so often when a registered user posts something it goes straight to the backend instead of to the live site as pending review. These posts should be posted right away not pending review.

    This happened on another custom post system I was using and I thought switching to this plugin would solve that problem. But in the previous system I could update the post and it would post on the live site right away but with types it sits as pending review and I have to email a programmer friend of mine to have it posted manually.

    Someone told me this could be a problem with akismet holding the post in admin. I’m not sure but I have talked to numerous experts and they don’t know why some posts get held in admin and others posted right away. Can the Author of this plugin give me some solutions to this or tell me is it possible for akismet to hold posts as pending review

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  • By previous system you think of:
    1. some other installation
    2. same installation before Types plugin activated?

    Is problematic post type created using Types plugin?
    You had this problem before Types?
    Does WP version differs from issue to issue?

    I used custom post types, it was very similar to this system. But it was outdated and the programmer who codded my site said this Types is much better.

    I had this problem in previous custom post types, I have had this issue ever since I launched my site a year ago. and have yet to solve it but its odd that the same problem would happen with types. Maybe its something with how the posts get queried I dunno and most experts that looked at my code said it was clean and they don’t know either what is causing that.

    I run a contest vote exchange site.

    information for contests are added using Custom Fields. There is an ordering system depended on Custom Field Value named “Top Contest Order”. However when some users submit a contest at that time this custom field is not created. All the contests are displayed in listing view at and ordered according to value of custom field “Top Contest Order”. However some contests don’t have this value so that are not displayed in the front side but all the other details are added fine and you can see it in admin.

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