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  1. leggler
    Posted 9 years ago #

    my blog-url is:

    Now I've got the problem, that I cant add Pictures with the regular blog-editor (which means I cant just drag&drop them to the editor after I uploaded them) because after saving it the Editor changes the code of the URL:
    When I drag it into the windwo the correct code is:


    %7E must be the code for ~, but it works fine.. The problem is, after saving it changes the url somehow to


    Which of course breaks the link. Where does that second %&ea0404420 come from?? Which part changes it, why, and how I can stop it.

    Problem is, that not just experienced users, who can change-back the html-code directly, are going to use the blog, so I really should find a way to fix it!

    thanks for answering!

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