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    I have my WP set up so that it does not show certain posts (namely those within category 7). I am using
    “<?php query_posts(‘cat=-7’); ?>” as perscribed within the codex. This technique works excellent, there is just one small problem. When I input this into my template before “the loop” (even if I put it immediately below the code that obtains the headder) my “previous” and “next posts” links fail to work properly.

    By fail to work properly I mean they show up like they are supposed to, but the posts are the same on the page. I click on “previous posts” link and the page changes (the URL changes), but the same posts as are on the main page show up. When I remove the “<?php query_posts(‘cat=-7’); ?>” code from my template, the previous and next posts links beging to work properly.

    Anyone know how I can use the query_posts code and get the previous and next posts links to work properly?

    Here is my page… (as it sits now, the code is in the template so you can see how it is not working properly…


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  • <?php query_posts('cat=-7'); ?>
    Change that one line code to the following.

    <?php $wp_query->set( 'cat', '-7' ); ?>
    <?php query_posts( '' ); ?>

    A big thanks to alpaoide!

    That worked great for the case where i have it set to “set(‘cat’, ‘-7’)” but when I want to display ONLY the posts in category 7 (on a different page in my site) ie. “set(‘cat’, ‘7’)” i get an error 404 page when I try to view the “previous posts” page.

    Any ideas?

    Did you ever find a fix for this problem? I have the same.

    i have the same issue, with 1.5.2. I’m going to upgrade to 2.0 soon, i wonder if the problem still exists in 2.0, or if there’s another way to do it in 2.0

    Im on the latest version and I also have the same problem.
    This is what I am using

    <?php query_posts(‘cat=-0’); //gets all posts
    load_template( TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/index.php’); //loads index

    any thoughts?

    Brick Home

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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