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  • I currently have 5 WP Blogs running on one domain. I successfully set up permalinks on the first blog, but unfortunately now when I try to set up permalinks for the other blogs I get 404 errors all over the place.

    Here is more information:

    Running on a Windows Server

    Each Blog is in a directory off root

    I do know it is most likely an issue with .htaccess (can’t find it) of one blog carrying over to the other blogs, but I am unsure how to fix this?

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  • Hi,

    I’m running into this same issue and have a slightly different problem but I can address your issue like this.

    First, in the WP admin page where you set up permalinks, once you select one and click Save, you will see a message at the bottom of the page about WP trying to access and edit your .htaccess file. If you cant find it may be able to or just create one for you. If it gets an error though, you can copy and paste the code into a .htaccess file (plain text) that you create in the root directory.

    But here’s the problem which if i can’t find the answer to I will post a seperate topic on it. I am not having any success putting a .htaccess with the code for each blog either in the root dir or the subdir for each blog and having permalinks work correctl.

    Actually I see you are running on Windows server. Does Windose use .htaccess files or something else? I dont know as I have a linux host. You may need to look that up.

    Hope that helps a little.

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