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  • Hi everyone!

    Has anyone else run into this problem? I’m getting a “connection was reset” error when I or others try to login to the password protected pages on my WordPress site. This is a new issue — the pages *were* working last week. All pages on their own work fine, but the actual login function is broken somehow and always returns that error.

    Stuff I’ve already tried (with no effect on the issue):
    — tested on several browsers, devices and connections
    — tried deactivating all WP plugins and also did a plugin folder reset through FTP
    — tried switching WP themes to a basic Twenty Twelve
    — tried assigning PHP more memory through WP’s method (wp-config) and through another method (.htaccess)

    So, I’m out of ideas at this point — has anyone else run into this??

    Example of a page that’s having issues (you can hit submit and see that it’s fubared):

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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