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  • I build a WordPress theme from scratch and am using it on a multisite installation. It has two special page templates, one for general pages and one for calendar pages.

    Link to site:

    If you click on “Venue” you get the correct page layout; with the image at the top. Same goes for the “Hours” page. However, any of the subpages under “Venue” such as “Club” and “Lounge” ends up using the calendar template for some reason.

    From what I can tell, the issue seems to be restricted to any sub-pages under a first-level page. I’m running other sites on this installation that work fine in similar setups.

    Files are named as follows:
    – page.php is the general page layout
    – page-calendar.php is the calendar layout and it has the commented stuff at the top of the file that names it as “Calendar Page.”
    – I tried deleting page-calendar.php, but this just causes the “Club” and “Lounge” pages to use the index.php template.

    I’ve tried:

    – Turning on and off permalinks; does not work.
    – Creating a page template called page-general.php (and naming it appropriately) and assigning it to all the pages; does not work.

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