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  • I am working with a child theme of twenty eleven.

    I have created a couple of page templates for the side. One with a side bar and one without.

    I have the site set to a static front page, then have a page called “blog” for posts.

    When I go to the blog page in WP, I can select my page template with a side bar. I then click update but when i go to look at the page…no dice, it is not reading my template.

    If I try the side bar template on a static page (the non blog portion) It will work.

    any thoughts? am i missing something way dumb?

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  • I think I got it. I was missing something dumb. I forgot that the blog posts page still pulls it’s info from index.php. made my edits there and all seems right with the world. so If i am seeing this right, for a page of post, a template file does not really matter.



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    you are right – the ‘posts page’ will use the index.php or home.php

    It will ignore the template but creating the page is still necessary and designating it in the Settings >> Reading section just tells WordPress what URL that the index.php or blog page should be found at. Keep in mind that the index page most often also determines the archives, categories and tags pages as well.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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