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  1. vervloeckt
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I just made a linkpage (using a topic that is in the archives here somewhere) It works good, only there are some small problems I have to make the linkpage more clear and organised:

    - the actual link itself and the description are to close.
    'link_description' In which the _ is a space. I'd rather have it 'link___description'.

    - the actual link and the description share the same fontsize, however I would want the Title/link to have a bigger font size than the description has.

    Please help, thanks..

    Greets, Vervloeckt


      <h3><?php get_links(1); ?>

    the code I'm using (the h3 codes are working somehow to get the page correctly lined out at the left, so don't be bothered by that)

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