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    I’m using oxygen for my site

    I want to make it look good on mobile (iphone, iPad, …) but I can’t get it working.

    In this post written in june 2012 I read that I have to turn mobile off in Appearance –> Mobile. Unfortunately I don’t have that ‘mobile’ tab in my Appearance menu even though ‘sixhours’ (the question responder) suggest it’s enabled for all wordpress blogs.

    The biggest issue is that the left sidebar shows on iPhone before the recent articles part. The order on mobile for my site is: header –> header widget –> main menu –> slideshow –> left sidebar –> recent articles –> more articles –> right sidebar.

    On the site of another user , this is not the case. The left side bar shows up after the right sidebar.

    Another problem is that the titles don’t show on the pictures of the slideshow. On they do.

    How can I solve these issues.

    thank in advance!

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  • The post you linked to is on WordPress.COM — and for some themes, the .COM version is not the same as the .ORG version. So .COM posts are not necessarily relevant to self-hosted sites.

    The same applies the other site you linked to — it’s a WordPress.COM site — so evidently the .COM version CSS code IS different. If you know about CSS, you can compare them to see what the differences might be…

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    Unfortunately I don’t know much about CSS…

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    It is a problem with the Oxygen theme, because when I open the demo site on the developer’s site ( ) it gives the same problem on iPhone.

    Can somebody tell me how and what I have to edit in the code in order to solve the issue and make it look like on ? Maybe one of the developers themselves?

    You can try asking the developer here:


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    Unfortunately doesn’t accept questions for free themes…

    It’s quite frustrating since I like this theme on pc, but if it doesn’t work on mobile devices it’s very old-fashioned. I guess I’ll have to change to another theme. Does somebody have suggestions?

    We do not support these themes as it is not our place to deprive theme developers of any income that they may derive from support services. If you cannot manage this yourself, perhaps you need to consider hiring someone to carry out the work for you. Or if you want to use another theme, have a browse through

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    What do you mean exactly with ‘we do not support these themes’? Are there themes that WordPress does support?

    By “we”, I mean the support forums here. We only support themes downloaded from Have you had a look? There are well over 1,000 themes to chose from – all reviewed for quality and all free.

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    Thank you for your clarification.

    The thing is that the oxygen theme is in the list you mentioned

    I guess that means the forums here support it. Just checking.

    egear – yes, that theme is supported here. esmi was likely confused because I’d directed you to the developer — since we generally do that when it’s a theme that is not supported here. In this case, what you are asking about is really beyond the scope of these forums – because we don’t have easy access to the .COM version and because even if we did, sorting out the differences and making changes to your version is way more work than what we can offer.

    That said, I will take a look at the demo on the .COM site and see if there are any obvious differences, but I’m not at all sure there will be an easy way to change how your theme works. You may need to pay someone to do custom work for you.

    From past experience, I know that the theme’s developer doesn’t offer this level of free support here. Which is perfectly reasonable – there is no requirement for theme developers (or any developer, for that matter) to offer free support for everything. And as WPyogi said, it’s really beyond what we can offer in the way of general support.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    Yeah, I looked at the two versions and they are very different — not just in the CSS per se, but the HTML is different too. So it would definitely take some knowledge of CSS and possibly more, to do what you want.

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    WPyogi, Andrew Nevins, esmi – thank you for your replies.

    The conclusion is that the oxygen theme is far from mobile optimized like the developer claims.

    I would not necessarily make that conclusion – it does work quite well on mobile – just not exactly the way you want. All the page elements are there, visible and functional, right? It’s just the order of them that is the problem?

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