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  1. gprego
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I created a new website in wordpress for a company that have many webs under the same domain.
    The url for this new site is "www.ccee.ed.uy/posgrado".
    The thing is that in the same folder, there was another web installed for another service, and the url for this other site is "www.ccee.edu.uy/posgrado/upae/upae1.htm"
    My problem is that now I can't access the old web. I think this is because of the permalink in wordpress, he thinks "upae/upae1.htm" is part of my website, and is showing the 404 error page.

    Is there a way to define an exception in the permalink or something in my wordpress so that when I go to "www.ccee.edu.uy/posgrado/upae/upae1.htm", it shows the old page, and not my wordpress??


    P.S:I don't have access to the other web and I shouldn't move any of the files.

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