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  • I have run into an issue with a theme that uses the Options Framework in plug-in or theme formt, PowerPress, and Custom post types.

    There is a feature in PowerPress that allows you to create a “channel podcast” for you CPT. You have the ability to select from a drop down your CPTs that are created.

    When I have the theme options plug-in or have theme options activated directly in a theme the drop down appears as it should with multiple CPTs to choose from.

    When I activate BCN the drop down doesn’t display the CPTs any longer. Actually it does the only choice is (theme options) since that is CPT in and of itself.

    Have you come across this in your development? I would like to get this figured out pretty soon, for now I am disabling the BCN because getting the podcasts our is more important than the breadcrumbs.

    BTW. Yes I have removed all other plug-ins and used the 2011 theme and can repeat the issue.

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  • Plugin Author John Havlik


    What version of WordPress, Breadcrumb NavXT, and PowerPress are you using? I just tried this and can not reproduce the issue you are having.

    The specific issue is on your admin.php?page=powerpress/powerpressadmin_customfeeds.php&action=powerpress-editfeed&feed_slug=test-foo
    page (where test-foo is the slug for you custom feed) in the Other Settings tab the drop down for custom post types only shows the “All Post Types” entry and no others?

    Could you verify that all of your WordPress files are complete (redownload WordPress). I don’t have time to debug this tonight, but after looking at it quickly I did not see anything that should be causing that (assuming I understand the issue).

    Breadcrumb NavXT=4.2.0

    Yes regarding the URL. The drop down shoes 2 options, “All Post Types (default)” and “Theme Options Media (optionsframework)”.

    All files are complete. And it looks like there is a plug-in generating the CPT. Easy Content Types (

    I am in process of creating a dummy site to test this on another server.

    I just tried this on a fresh local install and appears to function ok. Next up to check the theme. Sorry for acting too quickly, but I thought I checked everything.

    I’m not sure if it’s my theme, breadcrumb navxt or theme options plug-in. But one is throwing off the other.

    All works fine in 2011 but that has its own built in theme options so the plug in wont activate.

    I have all working perfect with the theme I’m using active and option plug-in inactive. However the theme needs options plug-in for added features. As soon as I activate it the PowerPress hides the CPTs in the dropdown.

    If I deactivate your breadcrumb plug-in they re-appear.

    The Theme is “Risen” from ThemeForest.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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