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[Resolved] Problem with OAuth Token

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  • Plugin Author Mark Waterous


    If the field is still red, it didn’t validate the OAuth token (as I’m sure you’re aware). Double check that you pasted the token from Bitly in it’s entirety and that there isn’t a missing character at one end or the other.

    Throwing a random thought out there, check to make sure there aren’t any extra spaces at the end of the token too. If there are, remove them, and let me know if that was the case!

    Also make sure you are not trying to use the ‘Legacy Token’. Click the link provided in the settings page to generate your new token.

    Plugin Author Mark Waterous


    @hayesmd is correct, thanks for the help!

    Thank you for your help guys

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I carefully checked the code again, that I got clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. It’s exactly the same, as you can see here :


    No space, no mistake.
    That’s annoying because I really loved this plugin and it worked until I downloaded the new version this morning :/

    Plugin Author Mark Waterous


    Well we need to get it working for you again!

    I would recommend taking that image down, considering anyone can use your token to authorize their connection.

    Want to know what’s really strange? It validated for me.

    So now we need some other information… what version of WordPress are you running? If you could put up a <?php phpinfo(); ?> page somewhere private and email the URL to mark -at- watero.us, that information would be a huge help as well.

    Sent by mail ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you !

    I am having the same problem with the oauth. It will not validate for me, the field is still red even though I have triple-checked the token from Bitly. The problem developed after I updated so I deleted the plugin and went back to a previous version. Now it’s working again.

    Plugin Author Mark Waterous


    amsinclair, if you wouldn’t mind helping me debug, can you email me at the address I listed above?

    I’d like to see what the results of your curl request look like, given that seems to be the issue for Romain. The curl function I use hasn’t changed but for some (as of yet unknown) reason it’s not returning the same results in this version for some random folk.

    Plugin Author Mark Waterous


    Romain, if you’re still wanting to try and get it working please check out the sticky on the new debug feature.

    Hello Mark,

    I made the update and itโ€™s working now. Thank you very much for the effort.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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