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  • Plugin Author Thomas Umstattd


    If you click “lost password?” you should be able to recover your password. Does that work?

    I will try that now, however I felt you’d be interested in the following:

    The error message tells me that there is no user associated with the email address I used (the same one MBT actually sends mail to).

    I have not lost my password. I have the one I used to register for the plugin and I have received email at that address.

    I am able to login to the author media site. I was NOT able to retrieve my password since I got an error message telling me that no user was associated with that email.

    I was able to re-register using my full name and the same PW. I assume I now have two accounts.

    I tell you all this by way of suggesting you may have a bug or some cross up. The system did not let me in using a previously confirmed user name and pw, but required that I register again.

    Plugin Author Thomas Umstattd


    Could you send me the URL of the site you were not able to log into?

    We recently changed support systems from Uservoice to Freshdesk. Your Uservoice account would not have transferred to Freshdesk, so that might be part of the problem.

    Your login for the support system is separate from your login with Author Media.

    MBT should not be sending you any emails. You should only get emails either from your website or from

    Yes, it is Freshdesk. But you have a messaging problem. The Author Media logo appears at the top of the page and no other identity. Then above the form it says “Enter the login details you gave when you registered with us.” Given that the identity is Author Media, and I did register with Author Media, I attempted to use that login. There was no explanation that this login required a separate registration, which it evidently does.

    But here is the part that makes it really nuts. Although I got an error message with every attempt to login that I made (except the last one after registering), I have now received email notices that tickets have been received for #2942 to #3055 over the space of a couple of hours beginning immediately after I got an email confirming my new registration even through I never submitted a ticket, not even one.

    Even MORE bizarre, the subject line on each one reads: Ticket Received – [#2942] Greetings from Robert at Relentlessly Creative Books

    “Greetings from Robert at Relentlessly Creative Books” is the subject line sent on my autoresponder. So, it looks like my autoresponder’s response to getting the confirmation email was to send a greeting that then triggered some kind of automatic ticket from your system, which triggered an email, which triggered an autoresponse, which triggered a ticket, etc.

    HAHAHAHA Our computers are having a lovely email correspondence without our permission!

    I think your system needs some tweaking. ;o)

    Plugin Author Thomas Umstattd


    We have two issues here:

    Issue #1 Making Logging into Support Easier
    This is not hard and we will get on this right away.

    Issue #2 Email Loop
    Emailing our support email (please don’t post here) will automatically generate a ticket which we will send a confirmation to. We have never seen someone with an autoresponder like that hits everyone before. I’m not sure what the fix is for this, but we will look into it.

    It is a very simple email autoresponder that is set up through my email account with, not a sophisticated if/then autoresponder like It has never before generated this kind of feedback loop in the year or so that I’ve used it. I hope that helps.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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