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  • I have a problem with my wordpress site. This is a short term site for tomorrow. It is a funeral…It has been working fine but now no links are working…in the browser window…it goes to the web address /#
    Can someone help with what is wrong
    here is the site

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  • It’s working for me, did you get it fixed? It looks like its pretty JavaScript heavy, have you tried just redrafting your web browser?

    Good to know it is working
    I have tried two different computers and it only comes up with # when I hit about or any other link…what do mean redraft my web browser
    Delete cookies and history?

    Oops – iPhone autocorrect. I meant to say – restart your browser – close out and go back in. The about link worked for me. I’m on an iPhone, what web browser Are you using?

    For me the links are working aswell.
    When I hover over the link I indeed get a /# as the link url in the bottom corner of my browser, clicking on the link works fine.
    What browser are you using? Probably a JavaScript vs browser problem?
    Good luck!

    fire fox…It is working for me…that is so strange what is causing the #

    It seems slow but they may be a lot of traffic…this man memorial is huge

    For me it’s quit fast (Chrome). I don’t know what is causing the #, but if it’s working does it matter for now?

    N0 it doesn’t matter you are right
    Thanks all for your help just went into panic….must of been my browser and my internet feed
    Thanks again

    No problem, i figured it was probably a browser issue. That’s a really nice theme by the way, where did you find it (or is it a custom theme)?

    Elegant themes…they are great
    But there is a lot of javascript on this…and apparently that is what is causing the # sign
    I will notify them and find out why…it should show the page titles in the address bar….it doesn’t seem to matter what permlink I have….default or numeric…it doesn’t show
    Strange never seen that before

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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