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    The Post Types drop-down call to Posts different to the ones active in the Dashboard. I have no “Blog” type and it´s listed. Also Testimonials shown by the widget (when executed) are not the ones in the Testimonials Management Page (Dashboard Menu Option).

    It lists Types: Testimonials / Services / News / Solutions / Blog but I only have the first three + Products (custom post type)… and this do not show in the drop down list.

    The “Testimonials” reported by the “My – Post Cycle” widget (Front Page, Sidebar1) are not the same as the list of the Testimonials you can edit from the Dashboard Menu. Because of this, I can´t edit the ones shown on the front page by the widget. I did some redefinitions on the Testimonials custom Post type, and later returned it to “as original” state. Are the original “Testimonials” in the database but I can´t see them? How can I know this? Is it possible to sync them to the dashboard menu?

    Please help!!!


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  • Hi Arturo,
    We’re just getting to grips with one of their templates – pretty and clever, but a nightmare to work out, and the support is minimal at best.

    By trial and error I *think* I have the solution:
    Define the Custom Post Type you want to use (or edit an existing one if that’s easier).
    Now you can create posts to that custom type and they should appear in the left hand menu of your admin window?

    Now you need to edit the widget in order to be able to see your new custom type in the drop-down box. (There may be a very simple way to do this without any code, but I can’t find it!).
    FTP into your site and navigate to YOURSITE/includes/widgets/my-post-cycle-widget.php
    Download / open this file in a text editor and scroll almost to the very bottom – you should see a line that reads:
    <select id="<?php echo $this->get_field_id('category'); ?>" name="<?php echo $this->get_field_name('category'); ?>" style="width:150px;" >
    Following this line are a list of options that define the drop-down list in the widget – add additional lines of code by copy / pasting one of the existing ones and edit the $category string to match your new custom post-type short name.
    Save the file and browse back to your admin page, you should have the new options in the widget drop-down list.

    Not sure if that’s the *correct* way to do it, but it seems to work OK for me so far – hope it helps.

    Hi matfenton,
    I’ve created a post type with “Custom Post Type UI” plugin, I add the new line for drop down list, but the “My – Post Cycle” doenst work. I can choose the new field but on the front page it not shows anything.

    Can you help me?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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