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    We use the Multiple Roles plugin on one of our websites. The reason for this is, we have about 20 custom post types, each with mapped meta caps, so that users can log in and only access their designated CPTs.

    Sometimes – for example, when an employee leaves and we need to designate an interim editor – one user needs access to multiple CPTs. In this case, it is much easier to give that person multiple roles – one for each CPT – than it would be to create a new custom role that gives them all the capabilities for editing/publishing/etc. a group of CPTs.

    All of the users on this site log in using Authorizer with CAS. Most of the time this works just fine. However, once in awhile I get a call that a user has logged into the site and receives a “Sorry, you’re not allowed to access this page” message. When I check that user, they have lost all of their roles – Authorizer’s dashboard widget says their role is “No role for this site” and the WP user management screen just has a “-” dash in the Roles column. I edit the user in the native user editing screen, giving them back however many roles they need. The Authorizer dashboard widget then shows them as approved in one of these roles, and they can log in and access all of the CPTs they need, with all the correct roles and capabilities.

    I’m having trouble figuring out exactly when and how they lose their roles in the first place, but since this is only happening for users who are assigned multiple roles, there seems to be a conflict between Authorizer and Multiple Roles.

    I’m happy to provide whatever additional details I can offer.

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    Hi @wpgirl369,

    In the case when a user logs in and has lost their roles, is the user:

    – a new user who is logging in with Authorizer for the first time, and does not have a local WordPress account yet?
    – a manually added user created in WordPress, but not listed in Authorizer?
    – an existing user who has previously logged in, and is present in the Authorizer user’s list?

    Also, is your WordPress install a single-site or multisite setup? We have encountered this issue with a multisite setup in the past, where the user’s role is different between each site.

    Currently Authorizer will attempt to assign roles based on the user’s existing WordPress role when they log in, with deference being given to WordPress. However, I will need to confirm if we are doing this with the assumption that a user has only one role, or if they have multiple roles.

    This was an existing user, who had previously logged in and been able to edit content, and was present in the Authorizer users list.

    This is a single site.

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    Thanks for the additional info!

    For Authorizer, are you using Google, CAS, or LDAP functionality for authenticating your users?

    We’re using CAS. 🙂

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    Ah, sorry; I just noted that you did state that in your original post. Chalk it up to the Monday morning rush.

    Do you have access to the PHP error logs on the server, and would you be able to check them when this issue crops up again? Since you already have the setup where the issue is occurring, it may be easier to see it on your end then with us trying to replicate your environment.

    Once we have an idea of when it occurs, we can walk through some error logging steps to track down the root of the issue.

    No worries! Yes, I do have access to the PHP error logs, and I have one that goes all the way back to September of last year. It includes the date (August 16) this most recently happened, but the only errors on that date have to do with Yoast WP SEO. I would be more than happy to send the logfile for you to look through if you’ll let me know where.

    Plugin Author pkarjala


    Sure, I’ll send you a PM with contact information.

    EDIT: And it looks like I can’t actually do that; you can contact me via my WordPress username

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    Sent! 🙂

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    As per discussion via email, issue may be caused by a separate plugin that was being utilized for multiple role support.

    Marking resolved for now.

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