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  1. joakimkristoffersson
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I´m currently using wordpress multisite with the TwentyTen-theme. I have edited the theme, but just a little... I have also createdone new site, which uses a child-theme (it´s exatly the same modified twentyten theme as the mainsite uses)

    Now to the problem:

    When I create a new site, it doesn´t quite look the same as the "main-site". There are some problems in the footer, and also in the index-file. The childtheme won´t listen to css-modifications either. Or, small changes like background-colors changes, but not bigger changes like width on columns. Can anyone help me?

  2. Make sure you are indeed editing the right files, and clear any caching.

  3. joakimkristoffersson
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Well. Noe I´ve had created two different WP-installations. I´m not using wordpress MS. In the first installation, which is in the public_html-directory, the theme looks as i should. But in the other installations, which is in a sub-directory, the theme looks crazy!!

    I´ve copy the theme from the first install, and used it in the second,. but no difference seems to appear.

  4. Wait, you're NOT using multisite?

  5. I´m not using wordpress MS

    you;re in the MS-specific portion of the support forums.

    and your first post said:

    I´m currently using wordpress multisite with the TwentyTen-theme

    MS = multisite = the old WPMU = wordpress networks.

    If you have tow separate installs, then you have none of the above.

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