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  • I recently moved one of my site from one hosting package to another hosting package of same hosting provider. After moving files when tried to get into my sites, I got the following messages:

    We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the go******_w***1 database.

    Are you sure it exists?
    Does the user go******_s***1 have permission to use the go******_w***1 database?
    On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so it would be like username_go******_w***1. Could that be the problem?

    I couldn’t understand the suggestion provided in the error message…

    I’ve edited the wp-config.php file with newly created database info. I followed instruction from:

    Can anyone give any solution?

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  • The message means that your database server either doesn’t have access to that database, or the user that you are using is not set up with permisison to access the database. You’d have to ask your hosting company about this as it’s not something that anyone here can offer much help with. I’d guess the most likely reason is the user hasn’t been granted permissions over that database because I’ve seen that same problem myself, and that’s what it turned out to be in my case.

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