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  • Good morning guys,

    I have been working on this issue for quite some time, and after reaching out to the theme creator and my host, I’m turning to you guys for some help.

    I’ve been using WordPress for a few years and recently switched to a new host.

    I use a theme called ProBlog from Magazine3. It was working fine on my old host, but once I made the switch, images are no longer being resized for the theme.

    My URL is:

    You’ll see what I’m talking about there.

    What’s happening on the admin is that, the images are being uploaded, which takes longer than normal, but they’re never resized.

    In fact when you set a feature image, it is displayed as it’s full size in the post editor. It’s also displayed at it’s full size on the main page as well.

    It *looks* like ImageMagick is not working properly or not installed on the new host. Since it’s shared hosting and I am somewhat limited as to what I can do/see, I cannot say 100%. However in comparing installed modules between hosts, I don’t see ImageMagick on the new one.

    The host insists that PHP GD and ImageMagick are both installed and working.

    Here’s what I’ve done:
    -Verified correct file permissions (755 for folders, 644 for files)
    -Did a clean install on the new host, using the affected theme – same results (I was thinking the problem could be caused by my imported SQL db.
    -While the image appears to upload, some times when clicking, the edit button, I see this: Image Data Does Not Exist, Please re-upload image.
    -I’ve turned on PHP error reporting and there aren’t any errors being generated.

    What I’m trying tonight:
    -increasing the amount of memory available to PHP either in the PHP.ini (if I have access) or adding a define statement to the WP config file.
    -add rewrite conditions to my htaccess file.

    Anywho, all opinions and suggestions are welcome. I can usually fix these little things on my own but this one has me boggled.

    Thanks for reading.


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  • I think you are looking at the right thing; i.e., the image-handling modules and PHP configuration at your new host. It’s odd that you’re not seeing any PHP errors, though it could be because some of WordPress’ image uploading takes place via javascript and AJAX, I think. The “Image Data does not exist” makes me think that whatever function/method WP is trying to use to get the image data isn’t working/available.

    I can think of a couple of things you could do. One is to change hosts. : )

    If you want to stay where you are, you can confirm the modules installed on your account and get a lot of information about the PHP configuration to confirm what your host is telling you if you don’t have access to the information via your web hosting control panel by running the command:


    Just save it in a text-only file called “phpinfo.php” and upload it to your /public_html folder, then browse to it using the following URL:
    Just be sure to delete it as soon as you’re done, because it does contain some information you don’t want to make freely available to everyone. In particular, I’d be looking for the GD, GD2, and Imagemagick modules you suggested, and take a look at what functions the host has disabled.

    The other thing you could try is to test an upload of an image with Firebug installed and the console active in Firefox. It will show you if there are any javascript errors associated with the upload/processing.

    Thank you so much for the suggestions.

    I tried to run the PHP info this morning, but I just noticed I used the incorrect syntax and will try again this evening.

    I’m very curious as to the results of that.

    Glad to hear I’m not losing my mind. So strange that I’m not getting any PHP errors, or nothing in the error logs pointing me in the right direction (this was the host’s last suggestion).

    The host is very reputable, and has been helpful in the past.

    However, this time around I was basically told that the issue was not on their end and they would spend no further time looking into it.

    I was able to run a script to tell me the version of Image Magick on the server, and it appears to be the latest and greatest. My guess at this point is that isn’t installed properly.

    In searching the forums here – similar issues seem to occur with PHP GD and Image Magick are not available or misbehaving. It seems to make the most sense.

    I should add that after enabling the default template – Twenty Twelve, the image uploader appeared to work as normal and images were resized after setting a featured image. Sadly on the 4th attempt the image was not resized (was showing full size on the post page).

    I was hoping to narrow it down to the theme, since the new host is a great organization and I’ve paid for a year’s worth of hosting.

    Once I verify the modules that are installed – I’ll take a look at the problem from a PHP/Wordpress memory standpoint.

    Thanks again – you have been very helpful!


    You’re welcome. I hope you can get to the bottom of it.

    If you really want to get hardcore, and you have SSH access to the server, you could also debug the individual methods Imagemagick uses via the -debug commands.

    You can do the same for GD with the PHP command gd_info.

    I guess even if they’re installed, it doesn’t mean they’re working. The thing is, it would be nice to know what methods that WP is using so you could zero in on just those.

    In any case, let me know what you find out.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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