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  • Using ftp rename your theme tropicala to say tropicala-hold and see if you can login with default twenty eleven theme.

    If you can then there is problem in tropicala functions.php file

    but i dont know how to logiin using FTp, i use username and password in meta log in on mz wordpress website.
    Is it the same username and password fot FTP connection_ i try FTP connect but i didnt….:((((

    How to solve problem??

    Contact your hosting company and ask them what your FTP login details are. From there you can use an FTP program (Filezilla is a widely used one) to find and download the files. When you edit the files you can use the FTP program to upload them again.

    Another thing to check is one setting in your wp-congif.php file. check and see if there is a setting for WP_DEBUG and if there is make sure that it’s set as FALSE.

    Thank ypu a lot!!! 🙂

    I did that.
    But i have another problem now,
    how to change wordpress theme on server hosting? i just want to put theme twenty one to be primary theme.

    Thank Ypu a lot again.



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    See Appearance -> Themes.

    No just like that 🙁

    How to do that with ftp connection, cause i cant acces my wordress account.

    I want to turn on theme in filezill, to put theme in some folder.
    Plese, if u can help me.



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    You can’t activate a theme using FTP unless it’s the default theme.

    Do You have some idea? What i to do…
    My website , i dont know how to logg into wordpress , how to turn on some template, i dont know really what to do now. 🙁

    Thank You for the answer.



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    SOORY, but i cant understand how to resolve a problem.

    I just want,
    using ftp connection to turn on some other theme for my web site.

    Thank you.


    My site doesn’t allow me to log in. I have cleared my caches and cookies in the browser. The only options left now is to undo the theme or some plug -in, but I can’t do that without access to login area.

    Can anyone help?

    Using ftp rename your theme so that default theme opens and then you should be able to login.

    Thanks @govepatel . It still refuses. Now the site doesn’t open at all after changing theme!

    I just went to this link and I did get login form so see if you can log in and then you will need deactivate all plugins and see you get on your website to open as seems as if there is problem and you get blank page.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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