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  • First, you are running WP3.1.X on PHP 5.3.X which is at times problematic…

    That said, to get back into your site:

    Using an FTP client such as FileZilla or the file manager of your host, rename the folder ‘wp-contents/plugins/yourplugin‘ (the plugin folder) to ‘old-yourplugin‘ and then try logging in at yoursite/wp-login.php

    Check with plugin author for updated version and how to update…

    Ok, thanks – you were able to check the php? The server had a hard disk crash on the weekend and the IT guy ghosted the site over to another hard drive. I’ve had a few problems since then but not this. I’ll try that.

    That didn’t work. It’s not recognising my username at all, nor my email address. It tells me my username is invalid and that there’s no user with that email address. So what do I do now? Do I need to go into phpmyadmin to edit the user account?

    I’ve logged into phpMyAdmin and found my database and list of users. I sorted it into alphabetical order (the usernames) as I couldn’t see mine there. It’s totally disappeared. The admin login. I expect that means I have to recreate it, but why would it have disappeared suddenly like that? It happened when I was working on the member part of the website. Just suddenly logged me out and has deleted that username it appears.

    Could be a limitation of the plugin, check with plugin author.

    Turned out that when I entered the latest member it overwrote my admin account by accident – a glitche in mySQL because of a hard drive failure. It’s now been rectified – a rare event I’ve been told but there you are.

    I did have to claim back ownership of all my pages and everything from the new member listing – when it overwrote the ‘admin’ it gave all the ownership rights to the new member.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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