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  1. jwsmith1624
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    My site and WP blog (www.jwsmithphotography.com/wordpress) has worked fine until recently (just notified by a client). Now all posts on front page show fine, but "Next Page"(s) bottons, Search, Archive result in blank page. Example: On cliking Archived posts month, the next page is blank with URL showing my_site.com/wordpress/$m=201012. Also, when selcting Page 2 for older posts (or >>)at bottom of first page, browser says "Link is Broken" w/ http://my_site.com/wordpress/?paged=2 showing in URL.
    All of the posts appear to still be in the database since I've viewed and even test-edited several of the olders from WordPress Admin.
    I updated to WP to 3.4.2 several days ago, but am not sure whether the problem was prior since nobody (including me) has recently tried to access these older posts.
    Problem appears in both IE9 and Firefox12.
    Can anyone help? Thank you.

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