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  • I have a WP blog with a custom template. in the navigation bar, there is a pulldown for links. All of my links are set to _blank, however, when a link is clicked, a new page opens with the link, but the parent page is also directed to the same address as the _blank link. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this. We have yet to hear from the template designer, so I thought I’d come here. Thanks.

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  • A url for your blog might help.

    i’d rather not put it on, because this is a public forum, that google will reference, when building it’s search list. And I don’t want this coming up when my clients do a google search for us. i’ll give you a hint though, it’s my user name,, all one word.

    Got it!

    I can’t replicate the problem you’re having. I tried using both Firefox and IE but none of the links I clicked on the dropdowns opened in a new window. They all opened in the parent window (my strong personal preference).

    Have you tried viewing your blog on another machine in case this is a browser/machine configuration effect?

    Have you looked at your blog in another browser? If not, I’d strongly recommend that you do. Then you’ll be prepared for your designer when s/he gets back in touch with you.

    The Home page navbar in Firefox shows 8 page/section links + RSS. In IE, there are only 5 visible links + RSS. All 8 are there – it’s just that 3 of them are invisible! If you move the mouse around the navbar, dropdowns start appearing all over the place – some of then very badly positioned

    The dropdowns are almost unusable in Firefox. It took me 5 attempts to click on the March 2009 Archive link (at the top of the dropdown) because the dropdown kept rolling back up. And in both browsers, the Archive dropdown is extending well below the bottom of the browser viewport – making it impossible to access all of the archives.

    Sorry to sound so negative but I think someone needs to have a few strong words with your designer. Especially if this is paid work.

    also, does anyone know how to fix the fact that when in archives and categories, my comment box doesn’t show the comments, yet they do on single pages. I’ve ased my template guy about this too, and he said that it is a wordpress bug and cannot be fixed.

    i replicated the problem using both safari and firefox. in the links dropdown menu, when you click a link, it takes you to the page you want in a new window, and also in the same window. that is the problem i am trying to fix.


    I’ve ased my template guy about this too, and he said that it is a wordpress bug and cannot be fixed.

    If by “comment box”, you mean a line displaying how many comments you have that’s also a link to the comments, you can show these links on both archive and category pages. All you need to do is amend the current templates. If specific archive and category templates don’t exist yet, you can create new templates within your theme. If you (temporarily) switch to the default theme, you’ll see that it shows comment links on all post listing.

    If by “comment box”, you mean the form to submit comments, then yes, it’s only used on single post pages. But it’s not a bug, as such. It’s down to the way in which WordPress works. Comments are stored against individual posts whilst an archive, or category, page holds multiple posts.

    bump on the first question

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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