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  • I’ve just upgraded a blog to WordPress 2.7, and also upgraded NexGEN to version 1.0.2. I’m now having some serious issues with the functioning of NexGEN. I manage another blog that has all the same features as the one in question, EXCEPT that I have not yet updated NexGEN from version 0.99.1. I’ll try to describe the issue as carefullly as I can below:

    Blog with WordPress version 2.7 and NextGEN Gallery version 0.99.1
    ⁃ In Description Field of each image is a title and a link to a post page with product information. (eg: Art Quilt: “Queen Elizabeth the First”
    Go to Product Page)
    ⁃ On gallery page, each thumbnail displays a caption and a post link below it. When image is clicked the same title and link are available in the “Thickbox” display.
    ⁃ On the related post page the same image is displayed with the [singlepic=x,250,250,,right] tag, enlarges when you click on it, and displays the same title and link in the “Thickbox” display when the image is enlarged.
    ⁃ working example at

    Blog with WordPress version 2.7 and NextGEN Gallery version 1.0.2
    ⁃ On site with the v. 1.0.2 upgrade installed, all images are set up exactly as described above under version 0.99.1, with title and link embedded in Description field (eg: Gibson Pint Mug
    Go to Product Page)
    ⁃ On gallery page, thumbnails no longer display caption below it. However, clicking on a thumbnail still displays the title and functioning link within the “Thickbox” display.
    ⁃ On the related post pages the same image is displayed–as sized–with the [singlepic=1,250,250,,right] tag, but the NexGen function is disabled… the image no longer enlarges when you click on it.
    ⁃ Also, on the post pages, there is a new fragment of text in front of the image that reads: Go to Product Page ” class=”thickbox” rel=”singlepic1″ > and the “Go to Product Page” is a functioning link that opens a blank page displaying the image file from the wp-content/gallery/ directory.
    ⁃ If I remove the HTML anchor code for the link from the image Description Field, then the [singlepic] display functions normally. The NexGEN enlargement will still show normal caption text in the Thickbox display (although it still doesn’t show up as a caption under the thumbnails on gallery pages).
    ⁃ I tried the same thing with a simple tag around part of the caption text in the Description Field and that worked correctly. So there appears to be some sort of conflict with the anchor tags being used to create a link in the caption, but not with other tags?
    ⁃ see example at

    When I did the update to NexGEN version 1.0.2. and went to GALLERY in the WordPress Dashboard, I had to update the database for NexGEN before i could do anything. SO I’m afraid also that I may not be able to move back to an earlier version of the plugin.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how this might be fixed, or where I can find information on how to correct it, it would be much appreciated.

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  • OK… not surprisingly, Alex has been on this issue and has posted a beta release (v1.1.0b) with a fix for the [singlepic] display and the gallery thumbnails here. Thank you Alex!

    I’ve installed the update and it’s corrected the issues. But a new issue has surfaced with the change.

    If you have Activate related images turned on under OPTIONS section of the NexGEN Gallery Dashboard panel, they are now breaking in the way that the [singlepic] display had before… The resulting Related Image thumbnail strip that shows under a post with a NexGen Image displayed has code from the plugin inserted before it.

    The code shows up like this: Go to Product Page” class=”thickbox” rel=”Related images for Stem Goblet” >

    The “Go to Product Page” part is a hyperlink, and I suspect that that is what is causing the problem, as it had with the [singlepic] display.

    I’ve posted a little more information about this Related Images issue here.

    IMPORTANT: after you update the plugin…
    One note to add about installing the new 1.1.0b beta release… I found that, after activating the update and having NexGEN update the database, there was still one more issue with how the description fields displayed. In both the [singlepic] Thickbox display, and the thumbnail captions on gallery pages, hyperlinks were showing as code, rather than as functioning links (really ugly, too).

    But as soon as you go into Manage Gallery in the NexGEN Gallery Dashboard panel, make an edit (to anything–a description, a title, etc.) and SAVE CHANGES, the display of hyperlinks is corrected for that entire gallery.

    If you have more than one gallery, then you have to go into each one and save a change there, also. I guess that just updates the database for that gallery and forces the change to the display. That part is beyond me. But it works.

    RGGoode, many ,many thanks for the “IMPORTANT: after you update the plugin…” note above.

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