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  • Hi people,

    I’m from Croatia and I would appreciate if you read entire post.

    Well I have one (HUGE) problem with WooCoomerce….I have translated .mo and .po and done everything by the book. Imported in i18n etc.

    After that on my web page/shop when you proceed to checkout or any other page when it comes to shipping, billing etc. only some words/sentences are translated.

    After spending hours and hours looking for a solution I decided to translate sentences directly in .php files…

    There was everything ok with files and I finally get my translation, BUT then I got something else.

    Now comes important part…I’m from Croatia….and we have specific characters/letters like š, č, ć, ž, đ….after translating .php files instead of letters/characters š, č, ć, ž, đ i get this symbol �.

    For example: Word “Quantity” should be look like this “Količina” (translated of course) but instead of “Količina” I get “Koli�ina”..

    Main reason why I’m doing this is that web shop looks ridiculous with some words and sentences on english and some on croatian. I hope that you understand that I want croatian language on my web shop because this is a local shop/store, not international.


    I believe that this is a problem with family font and I located woocommerce font in woocommerce/assets/font….

    Inside this folder you can see star.ttf, star.eot etc. and WooCommerce.ttf, WooCommerce.eot…

    And when I open WooCommerce.ttf i see that letters like š, č, ć, ž, đ are not supported, same thing with star.ttf.

    My question is….what should I do to resolve problem about this letters?

    Import different font in woocommerce/assets/font? or any other solution .I would gladly hear it and try it.

    This is killing me…literally…

    [Moderator Note: No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone instead.]

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