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  1. nickdigital1
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I have been searching for hours trying to find the answer to my problem and cant seem to find anything - maybe it is so simple it's not worth mentioning? However I am struggling.

    Problem: When I install a new theme using the automatic install within Wp admin - it will display incorrectly - post titles in the wrong places / content flows over other content etc...

    1) I have set up / installed a network.
    2) I am using sub directories NOT sub domains
    3) The first theme I purchased and installed works fine - across multiple sites / sub directories eg mydomain/site1, mydomain/site2
    4) The default Twenty ten theme works fine
    5) I activate theme in Super admin prior to activating in specific site admin
    6) I have deactivated all plugins and tested - no change.
    7) I have deleted / re-downloaded a couple of themes numerous times to test and always both themes display incorrectly.
    8) Without a full understanding, I don't think it's a theme issue as all themes I use come form the same developer and there is no mention of anyone else having the same problem in their forums.

    Here is my test site: http://digitallistings.tv/test-site-sideblog/

    Here is how it should look: http://www.press75.com/themes/side-blog-theme-demo/

    I have very little experience with php / CSS or any coding for that matter so maybe a simple fix for someone who does???

    Any help if possible would be very much appreciated

    Thanks guys

  2. I would definitely post in their forums and ask (with screenshots). You did all the troubleshooting to narrow down that it *is* the theme itself.

  3. nickdigital1
    Posted 5 years ago #

    OK great - will do.
    Thanks Andrea

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