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    This may sound, and probably is, really simple but this has been keeping me busy for a little while now, and I can't find what the problem is! I wanted to replace the blog title with the logo of the site, and above the header have 4 navigation buttons.

    The first part is probably the most simple, I have replaced the blog title with the logo, but this gives me some weird lines above and under the logo and too much white space. At the end of my post you can see a screenshot and the corresponding code.

    Another problem that I simply don't have any idea of (first time doing this). The idea is to simply have it like this:
    Press to see
    So the menu is at the top.

    Screenshot of how it is now

    The Code:

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  2. MindstateNL
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    I'm trying to implement it, but if you are interested in the code see this: LINK

  3. MindstateNL
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    Up :)

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