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  • This is driving me crazy!!! I have no idea how to fix this problem. Please view my site

    If you are using fire Firefox. There is no problem. However, as you scroll down that index page using IE or Opera, the text (towards the middle and down to the bottom of the page) gets larger. It is even affecting the footer.

    Can anyone tell me where to look to fix this?

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  • Try fixing your XHTML validation errors. That usually fixes these kind of things.

    I guess I am screwed…




    I guess I am screwed…

    Thats the spirit!!

    Its an unfortunate fact of Internet life that one cant toss up any ole thing and expect it to look just fine regardless of what browser someone happens to be using — sometimes it actually takes some thought, patience, and work to make this stuff presentable 🙂

    Yes, I understand your point. It’s just that I know my limits…and when it comes to coding issues such as this, my knowledge is limited. I then become frustrated because it will likely cost me money to fix the problem.

    Can anyone (with a little paitence) help a guy out?

    Thanks in advance.

    I guess I am screwed…

    Thats the spirit!!


    OK…can someone take a look at this and tell me how to correct the first first few errors. I can make the changes if someone can just tell me what to change them to.

    Still waiting…

    WOW…so much for support.

    Problem is, you don’t want support. You want someone to do everything for you. That’s a bit different than helping someone with a WordPress question.

    And it means you need to be a bit patient until some charitable individual wanders by and decides to take on your task.

    On that validation page if you check the box “Show Source” and click Revalidate – all the line numbers where the errors occur will become clickable links that will take to you the exact line in the source code where the error is. In that way you can figure out where in the code or the post the error is – and start correcting them.

    None of us was born with (X)HTML knowledge, but we learned. Personally, I’ve found this site quite useful:

    WOW…so much for support.

    These are not WordPress issues. These are html/css/author issues. You know, GIGO (garbage-in-garbage-out).

    I started looking at your errors, but the fact that you can’t address even some of the simplest errors, well, takes any wind out of my sails.

    And what’s with that theme? I think it’s the first one I’ve seen that refuses to give any (free) support. Bad choice if you need support…

    To all…forgive me if I appear to be rude. That is not my intent by any means. The fact of the matter is that I want to learn this and sometimes have no idea where to begin.


    I am not sure if you are being funny or not, but the theme came from the WP Theme viewer. Is there something that I should be looking for in a theme (other than likeing if for the way it looks)?

    Again, sorry if I came about the wrong way.

    I guess when I saw this thread…

    I didn’t think it would be too much to ask for the same kind of support.

    You know, the big difference is that the other guy after they pointed him toward the validator, instead of making remarks on the “quality” of support… set down on his a$$ to work and went down to 2 errors.
    After that they started to help him to hunt down the remaining issues.

    I also don’t think it would be too much to ask for the same kind of attitude.

    Now that I have the same kind of attiude what more do I have to do to get the same kind of support? I am not asking anyone to fix if for me.

    Just asking.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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